With the Acumen Clinic Reconditioning Program, we strive to close the gaps between early diagnosis and integrating proper exercise to improve patient outcomes. Strength training is important and usually relevant to many clinical populations. We believe musculoskeletal reconditioning is an integral part of the Acumen Clinic experience. Many patients must navigate back to a demanding job (Farming, construction, landscaping) while some need to get back to a competitive sport they love. Others would like to return to their healthy, active lifestyle (Traveling, biking, kayaking, skiing, hiking, etc) or simply want to find a way to live a pain-free life. We are here to help find that path.

It is all about the journey, finding what works for the patient and their lifestyle.

It is about communicating, proper progression and integration of exercises that will help meet those goals set by patients. It is important to us to set patients up with long term success. We want to give patients the education and tools needed to empower them and to continue for years to come for health benefits.


Acumen Reconditioning offers face to face sessions as well as telehealth sessions. We believe this is a way to deliver health services, expertise and information to patients in need and who want to continue or start their health journey. Telehealth is an efficient way to eliminate barriers that may affect patient care.


Sports Therapy and Recovery

  • Learn how to recover faster and avoid deconditioning
  • Proper Return to Play
  • Fitness. Recovery. Performance.
  • Telemedicine Sessions Available


Full Disclosure / What to Expect

  1. Clear guidelines and expectations
  2. Full 1-on-1, 1 hour full attention sessions – face to face and/or online
  3. We treat the full-body, not just the problematic area
  4. Constant communication with the patient- available for questions and modifications when needed
  5. Communication available with the surgeon if needed throughout the process

Certifications and Memberships

  • Certified Athletic Therapist
  • Canadian Athletic Therapists Association Member
  • Alberta Athletic Therapists Association Member
  • Certified Athletic Trainer- NATABOC
  • National Athletic Trainers Association Member
  • Canadian Red Cross Certified First Responder & CPR- BLS
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
  • Tri-Council Policy Statement, Ethical Conduct for research involving Humans TCPS 2:  Core Certified
  • Good Clinical Practice Certified
  • Mental Health First Aid Certified

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