Home Exercise Programs can be for Everyone, at any time… Not just during COVID19

This might be timely as COVID19 escalates and we are strongly advised to stay in the comfort of our own home for our health and the health of others. Here at Acumen, we are fully committed to patient progress. Patients should not be limited and their journey should continue as seamlessly as possible, even in tough times.

Acumen Reconditioning fully recommends and supports home-based exercise programs. 75% of Acumen patients choose to not go the surgical route based on the evidence provided by Dr. Jesse Slade Shantz. Most patients, when given the option, would prefer proper conservative management. Fun fact based on a recent survey to patients: 82% of our patients prefer a guided Home Exercise Program over attending formal therapy sessions.

Most of our patients leave their consultation with a series of exercises that can be performed at home. The Acumen Reconditioning team go over these exercises and progressions very thoroughly and the importance of each movement and how it benefits in their reconditioning.


At Home Work out Equipment:


  • Your own body weight. This is known as calisthenics. Using your own body weight to move in certain ways can offer just the right amount of resistance needed!

  • Resistance Bands / minibands. Resistance bands are great way to add gradual tension for muscles needed. Using bands can be helpful in training stabilizer muscles.

  • Sliders/Gliders-  Options such as Paper plates, Furniture Sliders, or a towel on a hard surface. Using sliders are a good way to add creativity to main movements, incorporate core stability and challenge the body.

  • Chair/Couches- Don’t you worry, those objects aren’t just for sitting!

  • Dumbells- Yes, these are great, however, you may be surprised by the objects around your house that would offer added resistance similar to a free weight. Soup cans, paint cans,

  • Exercise ball, also known as a Physioball, swiss ball, yoga ball.


Patients shouldn’t be deterred from their goals at any time. We are here to help and assist the best we possibly can. It is important to stay at home in times like this, but it is also important to continue your journey.

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