Knee and Hip Arthritis- Exercise is the Answer!

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis and affects many people. It can be defined as the deterioration of the protective cartilage in between your bones, and the most common areas it affects are the hip and knee although it can affect any area of the body as well (Hunter, D. et. al 2009). Patients who experience OA may experience stiffness, soreness, decreased function and much more when dealing with osteoarthritis. We are here to help! Acumen Clinic specializes in the musculoskeletal system; evaluating and treating patients with OA. Acumen will support and guide patients through their journey to improved function and hopefully, less pain.

The importance of exercise plays a significant role in pain management and rehabilitation for many injuries, especially osteoarthritis. Evidence has shown exercise is favourable for management of osteoarthritis regardless of pain or function level, or the severity (Bennell, K. et. al 2014). More importantly, general exercise has been associated with less side effects when compared to drug treatments (Bennell, K. et. al 2014), and does not produce or exacerbate joint symptoms when incorporated regularly. Exercise not only aids with pain management and slows the progression of OA, but it also provides a variety of positive outcomes such as improved physical function, quality of life, psychological variables, improved sleep and much more (Bennell, K, et. al 2014).

Movement is necessary, that is what we are created to do. Our first focus is to restore range of motion. At times there can be a decrease in knee range of motion due to pain limitations. However, proper integration of knee exercises can help regain your movement. The next focus is on improving strength. Improving strength in the surrounding musculature can help alleviate pain and increase one’s function. At Acumen, it is also important to note that we focus on whole body reconditioning. Our expectation for patients is to increase their overall strength and function. Not just the area of pain.

Utilizing properly integrated exercise is a safe and low risk means of therapy. Our goal is to help patients navigate their own journey, learn tools that will help them improve overall function and activities of daily living. Once patients learn to use exercise as a tool,  our hope is they find ease in tasks such as going up/down stairs, ease in lifting household items, and sitting and standing. Acumen believes these fundamental tools give patients what they need to decrease pain and live a happy and functional life ahead! 

If you are interested in joining a Knee and Hip OA session with our specialist please reach out for more information. 


December 16, 2020

At this current moment we are offering Monday and Wednesday sessions.

10-11 am

4-5 pm 



Below is a video of Acumen Kinesiologist, Nicole, demonstrating a Supported Split Stance Lunge. This is a functional, lower body strength exercise modified for knee and hip OA.

Supported Split Stance Lunge Progression


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