Telehealth Reconditioning

Telehealth uses video technology to connect with patients. Acumen Reconditioning is offering telehealth sessions through these difficult times. We believe this is a way to deliver health services, expertise and information to patients in need and who want to continue or start their health journey. Telehealth is an efficient way to eliminate barriers that may affect patient care.

We find many patients do not have access to a local gym facility, physiotherapy or athletic therapy. Acumen Reconditioning does not see this as a limitation. With a Telehealth Reconditioning session, patients can expect an open conversation regarding their case, expectations and what can be accomplished with a Home Exercise Program from home, right now at this very moment.  We want this to be as standard as possible and we will coach you through the session as if we were face to face!

The benefits of Telehealth

  • Increased patient access: by allowing patients to access speciality care when they need it

  • Save on travel/expenses: by making it possible for patients and providers to connect without long-distance travel, saving on time and expenses.

  • Save on time: No long waiting periods or long travelling distances. Many exercises, patients can do in the comfort of their own home.

Preparing for Telehealth

  • Provide a list of at-home equipment so we can tailor your Home Exercise Plan

  • Allocate a space in your house for exercise with your at-home equipment

  • Dress as if you were to attend a gym session or normal therapy session

Looking to continue or start your journey? Book a Telehealth Reconditioning session with our Acumen Reconditioning specialists today!

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